Andy Lassner

#Momsplaining with Kristen Bell: Labor Pains with Andy Lassner

Kristen Bell surprises Ellen's Executive Producer Andy Lassner with a contraction simulation machine that creates the sensation of labor pains. They play a ...

Chrissy Teigen & Average Andy Go Through a Haunted House

It's Halloween season, which means it's time for Ellen to send her Executive Producer Andy through a haunted house, and this time around, she sent her friend ...

'Average Andy' with the Cast of Cirque du Soleil's LUZIA

Ellen's Executive Producer Andy learned aerial work, and made his debut as a cactus when he joined the cast of Cirque du Soleil's LUZIA.

Ellen Shocks Andy to the Core with a Surprise Cryotherapy Session

Mark Wahlberg recently told Ellen that he undergoes cryotherapy to stay healthy and fit. Naturally, she wanted to know what it was like, so she surprised her ...

Andy Lassner: The Averagest Showman

Ellen has an exclusive alternate version of the powerful anthem from "The Greatest Showman"... and it features her Executive Producer Andy.

Andy's Memorable Moments

Ellen put together some of her favorite moments from the show with her executive producer, Andy Lassner. He never fails to make us smile!

Andy Lassner's Pre-Halloween Scare!

Ellen helped get her executive producer ready for his annual haunted house visit with a scare during rehearsal!

Average Andy with the L.A. Rams Cheerleaders

Ellen sent her Executive Producer Andy to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to train and perform with the Los Angeles Rams cheerleading squad! Watch as ...

'Average Andy' with the 'Magic Mike Live' Dancers

Ellen's executive producer learned some sexy new moves from the dancers of the new Las Vegas show. Average Andy, meet Magic Mike!

Facebook Apology

You may have heard about Facebook's recent conflict with the drag queen community. Facebook issued a public apology on Ellen's show.

Andy and Ariana Grande's Haunted House Adventure

Andy and the music star had a spooktacular time during their visit to a creepy haunted house for Halloween!

Sarah Paulson & Andy Lassner Scream Their Way Through a Haunted House

The "American Horror Story" star and Ellen's executive producer Andy Lassner go through a haunted house together. It's the first and last time Sarah Paulson ...

'Average Andy' with Lucha VaVOOM

You don't want to miss Ellen's executive producer in this unbelievable episode of "Average Andy" that puts him in the ring with masked Mexican wrestlers!

Andy Lassner is Scared of Ellen

Ellen's executive producer, Andy, keeps trying to scare Ellen, and always fails. Finally, Ellen turned the tables and gave Andy a huge scare during rehearsal!

Dax Shepard and Andy Go to Super Bowl LII

Ellen sent Dax Shepard and her Executive Producer Andy to the Super Bowl in Minneapolis. Find out what happened when these two pals went snowmobiling, ...

Kristen Bell Pulls Off a Scare on Andy

Guest host Kristen Bell picked up where Ellen left off by managing to scare Executive Producer Andy when he was least expecting it. Plus, the actress looked ...

Andy Lassner getting Scared Compilation (The Ellen Show)

A funny compilation of Andy getting scared by Ellen or trying to scare her. I don't own anything. Just put the videos together.

Flu Season, Round 2

It's flu season, which means it's once again time for Ellen to make sure her friend and Executive Producer Andy is protected... whether he likes it or not.

Once, Twice, Three Times a Scared Andy

Andy was caught off guard when not only did Ellen scare him, he was even more scared when she and her other Executive Producer Kevin scared him two more ...

Ellen Scares Andy with Annabelle

Ellen loves to scare her Executive Producer, Andy Lassner. This time, she had the help of a little friend.

'Average Andy' with the Los Angeles Kings

Ellen's Executive Producer Andy hit the ice for some hockey "practice" with the NHL stars. Check out this hilarious installment of "Average Andy"!

Ellen and Andy Play 'You Bet Your Wife'

Ellen and her work wife, Andy Lassner, took on a lovely couple in a one-of-a-kind round of "You Bet Your Wife."

Behind the Scenes: Andy Lassner and Kym Douglas’ Rehearsals

Kym Douglas always tests her outrageous beauty products on Ellen's executive producer Andy Lassner during rehearsal. Andy rarely enjoys this, but the rest of ...

Ronda Rousey vs. Andy Lassner

Ronda showed Ellen her MMA skills, with help from a very special “volunteer”! Watch her teach Andy some new moves, like the “Don't Get Up Yet.”

Can Andy Say That? Aw, Nuts

It's nut month! Ellen celebrated by challenging her executive producer, Andy, to say these harmless sentences.

Ellen and Zully Hernandez Play 'Oops Andy's Water Broke'

Ellen welcomed Zully Hernandez back to the show, and the Las Vegas nurse got to play a game with her celebrity crush: Ellen's producer Andy! For more ...

Andy Lassner’s 'Average' Cologne Commercial

Ellen's executive producer Andy Lassner debuts the commercial for his very average new cologne.